Choosing a Certified Salesforce Consultant: Why It Matters

Salesforce, as a leading CRM solution, offers an array of specializations and certifications. But a pressing question for many organizations is: should they hire a certified Salesforce consultant or can they rely on the expertise of a non-certified consultant? The answer isn’t straightforward, but our research provides valuable insights to guide your decision.
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Reasons to Hire a Certified Salesforce Consultant

When you decide to onboard a certified Salesforce consultant, you are investing in more than just expertise; you’re investing in peace of mind. The Salesforce certified consultant title isn’t handed out casually—it’s a mark of dedication, rigorous training, and successful examination passage. This guarantees that they are not only well-versed in theoretical knowledge but are also aptly equipped to apply this knowledge in practical scenarios.
For instance, a Salesforce-certified sales cloud consultant would have undertaken extensive training to understand the intricate nuances of the sales cloud module. They are geared to assist your organization in leveraging the best practices, streamlining sales processes, and optimizing CRM functionalities to boost conversions and customer satisfaction.
Similarly, should you require expertise in customer service optimization, hiring a Salesforce-certified service cloud consultant assures you of strategic insights, best practices, and actionable recommendations to elevate your customer service experience.

From the extensive Salesforce research by SF Staffing Agency, it’s strikingly clear that the hiring landscape acknowledges this value. An overwhelming 100% of the recruiters surveyed opined that Salesforce certification stands as an authentic testament to a candidate’s proficiency and dedication to the platform. This implies that when you choose to hire a Salesforce commerce cloud consultant with certification, you’re essentially onboarding an individual backed by Salesforce’s stamp of approval.

Experience Matters: Beyond the Salesforce Consultant Certificate

While certification provides a structured learning pathway and attests to an individual’s theoretical knowledge, the nuances of real-world application can be learned best through hands-on experience. SF Staffing Agency Salesforce research underscored this sentiment, showcasing an intriguing employment trend. Globally, 17.52% of job vacancies sought candidates with a Salesforce certificate and less than five years of hands-on experience, whereas 16.45% were looking for certified professionals with over five years of experience. This reflects a nearly balanced preference among employers towards both fresh perspectives and seasoned expertise.

If your goal is to hire Salesforce consultants, especially in a remote capacity, or if you’re looking to hire Salesforce commerce cloud consultants from offshore locations, delving into their past projects becomes paramount. Examining their portfolio, understanding the challenges they’ve tackled, and assessing the strategies they’ve implemented can provide a clearer picture of their practical proficiency. Also, you can deal with a professional Salesforce recruitment agency to simplify and speed up your hiring process. This is particularly crucial if you’re looking to hire a Salesforce consultant in remote roles, where effective communication and a proven track record can significantly influence project outcomes.

While the certificate showcases knowledge, experience underscores adaptability, problem-solving skills, and the ability to translate theoretical know-how into actionable strategies. Balancing the two is the key to successful outsource Salesforce consulting services.

The Non-Certified Salesforce Consultants Perspective

Let’s address the elephant in the room. A significant 50% of surveyed Salesforce specialists stated that certification didn’t help them secure a job. Does this diminish the value of certification? Not necessarily. It emphasizes the idea that while certifications open doors, skills, and experience seal the deal.

Dorian Sabitov, a leading author at and a certified Salesforce specialist, says the following regarding the SF consultants certification matter: “You can find a Senior Salesforce Developer with only one Certification and a Junior Salesforce Developer with 5-6 different certifications. From my personal experience, employers usually require certifications, which should be passed in a specific span of time. Certifications may be specifically required within the companies, which offer Salesforce consulting/outsourcing services.”

If you’re looking to hire Salesforce consultants, especially in a remote or offshore setting, understanding their project history, client testimonials, and actual hands-on expertise becomes critical.

In Conclusion

Whether to hire a certified or non-certified Salesforce consultant is contingent on various factors. Certifications like Salesforce-certified cloud consultants offer a guarantee of platform knowledge. However, it’s essential to balance this with actual experience, especially when you’re looking to hire Salesforce consultants for remote roles or offshore positions.
Ultimately, the decision should align with your organizational goals, the complexity of the project, and your comfort level with the consultant’s expertise, certified or not.

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