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Free Technical Interview Service

Terms and Conditions


  • Agreement: This encompasses the service proposal, contract, terms and conditions, and any other relevant documents forming the basis of the relationship between SF-Recruiters.com and the client.
  • Client Requirements: All specifications, job descriptions, qualifications, and other criteria provided by the client to be used in the recruitment and staffing process.
  • Candidates: Individuals presented or introduced to the client by SF-Recruiters.com as potential employees, meeting the client’s specified requirements.
  • Recruitment Tools: All tools and methodologies employed by SF-Recruiters.com in the recruitment process, including but not limited to candidate evaluation frameworks, interviewing techniques, background check procedures, and technological platforms.
  • Successful Placement: The outcome where a candidate, presented by SF-Recruiters.com, is accepted and employed by the client.
  • Recruitment Project: The scope, purpose, and objectives of the recruitment tasks to be undertaken as defined in the proposal and agreement with the client.
  • Staffing Services: All services related to recruitment, staffing, and placement provided by SF-Recruiters.com to the client, as detailed within the proposal.
  • External Resources: Any third-party resources or services utilized by SF-Recruiters.com in fulfilling the staffing services, including but not limited to outsourced background check services, third-party recruitment platforms, and job posting sites.

Services Provided

SF-Recruiters.com commits to delivering recruitment and staffing services as outlined in the work plan and according to the set milestones.

Proposal / Scope of Work

The provisions of any agreement remain valid for 30 days following the client’s receipt of the proposal. Beyond this timeframe, SF-Recruiters.com retains the authority to alter and re-present the agreement for the client’s approval.


  • Additional Costs: This covers additional charges and will be separately invoiced to the client from our primary recruitment service fees. Any such costs will be discussed and agreed upon with the client before being incurred.
  • Expenses: The client will be responsible for any expenses incurred by SF-Recruiters.com at cost.
  • Fees: The client agrees to pay SF-Recruiters.com all service fees, including any applicable taxes, as outlined in the project plan. These fees correspond to the recruitment services provided as per the agreement.


  • Invoices: Invoices issued by SF-Recruiters.com are to be paid within 5 days of their receipt unless an alternate arrangement has been agreed upon. All expenses and additional costs will be itemized separately in the invoices.
  • Payment Schedule: Payments from the client to SF-Recruiters.com should align with the milestones established in the proposal’s work plan and milestone schedule. This ensures a structured and timely compensation process corresponding to the progress of the recruitment services.

Changes to the Scope of the Project

  • Change Request: Should the client wish to modify the initially agreed scope of work, such a request must be submitted in writing. This request should detail and describe the desired changes. SF-Recruiters.com will respond within 5 business days with an assessment of any additional costs, as well as potential alterations to delivery dates and terms and conditions.
  • Minor Changes: Changes considered minor by SF-Recruiters.com will be billed at our standard hourly rates. These charges are additional to any fees previously agreed upon within the project proposal and are not limited by any previously agreed final or maximum pricing. Adjustments required in the project delivery schedule due to these changes will be communicated to the client.
  • Major Changes: Changes that are estimated to incur costs exceeding 20% of the total budgeted cost, or extend the project timeline by 20% or more, will be classified as major changes. In such instances, SF-Recruiters.com will prepare and submit a new and additional proposal for the client’s approval. Work related to these major changes will not commence until the new proposal is formally agreed upon, and accepted, and the associated fees are paid.
  • Acceptance of Change Request Proposals: The client will have a period of 14 business days to accept any new proposal. If the new proposal is not accepted, SF-Recruiters.com is under no obligation to perform additional work that falls outside the scope of the original agreement.


SF-Recruiters.com addresses potential delays in the recruitment process as follows:

  • Client Delays: The client is expected to make all reasonable efforts to promptly provide the necessary information, approvals, and materials required for the recruitment process. Should any delays occur due to the client’s actions or inactions, there will be a corresponding “day for day” extension on each subsequent milestone in the recruitment plan.
  • SF-Recruiters.com Delays: SF-Recruiters.com is committed to adhering to the agreed-upon milestones within the work plan. In the event of any delays from our side, the client will be informed via email, and necessary adjustments to the timeline will be discussed.
  • General Delays: Certain delays may arise that are beyond the control of both SF-Recruiters.com and the client. These can include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, power failures, fires, floods, acts of God, labor disputes, governmental actions, wars, terrorism, or epidemics. Such delays will not be considered a breach of the agreement. Instead, they will result in a “day for day” extension to the subsequent milestones, with adjustments made as necessary to accommodate the new timeline.

Evaluation and Acceptance

SF-Recruiters.com has established the following protocols for the evaluation and acceptance of recruitment services:

  • Candidate Evaluation: SF-Recruiters.com will thoroughly evaluate potential candidates using methods that are considered industry standard and acceptable. This includes verifying qualifications, conducting interviews, and assessing skills to ensure they meet the client’s requirements.
  • Approval Periods: After presenting candidates to the client, SF-Recruiters.com will allow 7 business days for the client to review and either approve or reject the candidates. Any rejection should be communicated in writing, specifying the reasons and any changes or adjustments required.
  • Response to Feedback: In case of rejection or requested changes, SF-Recruiters.com will take the necessary actions to address the client’s concerns and, if needed, present alternative candidates. A revised selection of candidates will be delivered within 14 business days following the receipt of the client’s feedback.
  • Final Approval: The client will then have an additional 7 business days to provide final approval or request further changes regarding the new selection of candidates, ensuring a thorough and satisfactory recruitment process.

Policy Changes

SF-Recruiters.com reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Key points regarding policy changes include:

  • Notification of Changes: Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page.
  • User Responsibility: It is the responsibility of users to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any updates or changes.
  • Acceptance of Changes: Your continued use of the SF-Recruiters.com website following the posting of changes to this Privacy Policy will be considered your acceptance of those changes.
  • Transparency and Feedback: We are committed to maintaining transparency in how we handle user data. User feedback on changes to the Privacy Policy is welcome and can be submitted via our website contact form or email.

Client Responsibilities

SF-Recruiters.com outlines the following responsibilities for clients to ensure a smooth and effective recruitment process:

  1. Provision of Information: Clients are responsible for providing all necessary job descriptions, candidate criteria, and other relevant details in a format that can be directly utilized by SF-Recruiters.com without the need for additional preparation unless otherwise specified in the proposal.
  2. Review and Feedback: It is the client’s responsibility to review and provide timely feedback on the candidates presented. This includes assessing resumes, interview performance, and any other relevant materials. SF-Recruiters.com may charge for any substantial changes or additional work resulting from late or inadequate client feedback.
  3. Decision Making: The client is expected to make timely and informed decisions regarding candidate selection, interviews, job offers, and other critical aspects of the recruitment process. Delays in decision-making can impact the effectiveness of the service and the availability of candidates.

Accreditation and Promotion

  • Accreditation: SF-Recruiters.com shall have the right to be credited for its recruitment services in any successful placement. This accreditation may take the form of a mention in the client’s internal documents, press releases, or any public acknowledgment of the recruitment service provided unless otherwise agreed upon in the proposal.
  • Promotion: SF-Recruiters.com reserves the right to showcase any successful placement as part of its portfolio. This includes the right to display, publish, and reproduce details of successful candidate placements (while respecting confidentiality) on its website, in galleries, periodicals, and other media, for business promotion, professional advancement, or recognition of service excellence.
  • Promotional Approval: Both SF-Recruiters.com and the client reserve the right to use the specifics of the recruitment project and the successful placements for promotional or professional showcasing purposes on their respective websites or other promotional materials. Any such use should not unreasonably infringe upon the other party’s rights or reputation, and mutual consent should be sought before any such promotional activity.

Confidential Information

  • Confidentiality Agreement: Both SF-Recruiters.com and the client commit to treating all exchanged information during the recruitment process as confidential. This includes client requirements, candidate details, and strategic communications.
  • Scope: Confidential information includes any non-public data crucial to either party, such as trade secrets, business strategies, and proprietary methodologies.
  • Exclusions: Information already known, independently developed, or received from third parties without confidentiality restrictions is not considered confidential.
  • Usage Limitations: The use of confidential information is restricted to the purposes of the recruitment project unless written consent for other uses is provided by both parties.
  • Non-Disclosure: Disclosure of confidential information to third parties is prohibited without prior written consent, except as required by law.
  • Duration: The confidentiality obligation extends beyond the agreement’s termination for a mutually agreed period or a reasonable duration to protect both parties’ interests.


  • Independent Contractor Status: SF-Recruiters.com operates as an independent contractor, not as an employee, agent, or representative of the client. This status grants SF-Recruiters.com the discretion to determine the methods and processes for delivering recruitment services while maintaining a professional commitment to meeting the client’s requirements.
  • No Exclusivity: The agreement between SF-Recruiters.com and the client is non-exclusive. This means that clients are free to engage in other recruitment services, and SF-Recruiters.com can offer its services to other clients without any conflict of interest.
  • Third-Party Contractors: SF-Recruiters.com reserves the right to utilize third-party contractors or subcontractors in fulfilling its recruitment services. However, SF-Recruiters.com remains fully responsible for ensuring these parties meet the standards and requirements outlined in the client agreement.
  • No Binding Authority: Neither SF-Recruiters.com nor the client has the authority to bind the other party in any contractual agreements with third parties, reinforcing their independent status.
  • Contractual Rights: All rights and obligations under the agreement are purely contractual and do not imply a more extensive relationship, such as a partnership, joint venture, or employer-employee relationship.


  1. Limited Liability: SF-Recruiters.com is not responsible for any client-incurred damages or losses.
  2. Service Condition: Services are offered ‘as is’, with company liability restricted solely to the fees paid by the client.

Rights for Work Produced

  • Client License: Upon successful placement, the client is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use any recruitment-related materials provided by SF-Recruiters.com. This includes candidate profiles, assessment reports, and other relevant documents.
  • Usage Restrictions: The client is not permitted to modify, create derivative works from, or redistribute any materials provided by SF-Recruiters.com. The rights granted are specifically for the use of the materials in the form and for the purposes agreed upon.
  • Ownership of Materials: All recruitment materials, methodologies, and tools used and developed by SF-Recruiters.com remain the exclusive property of SF-Recruiters.com. This includes proprietary evaluation frameworks, interviewing techniques, and technological platforms used in the recruitment process.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property: Both parties agree to respect and protect any intellectual property rights associated with the materials and methodologies used in the recruitment process.

Support Services

  • Warranty Period: SF-Recruiters.com offers a defined warranty period following a successful placement, during which they provide reasonable assistance and support to both the client and the placed candidate. This includes aiding with onboarding processes and resolving any initial placement-related issues.
  • Limitation of Support: Support services are limited to areas directly related to the recruitment and placement services provided. Any support required due to actions or changes initiated by the client or a third party, which affects the initial placement, may incur additional charges.
  • Third-Party Interference: If a placement is altered or affected by a third party or external factor, the warranty and support provided by SF-Recruiters.com may be voided. In such cases, SF-Recruiters.com is not obligated to provide complimentary support.


SF-Recruiters.com maintains the authority to modify and amend these Terms and Conditions as needed. All updates will be posted on this page. By continuing to use our services after such modifications are made and posted, you are agreeing to and accepting these changes.

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